Allback Pumice Powder

Allback Primer is used while puttying to wipe (brush) the glass clean - use a soft brush.

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Sydney Paint Warehouse supply an extensive range of products using Linseed Oil.

Sydney Paint Warehouse supply an extensive range of products using Linseed Oil.

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Working with Linseed Oil Paint and Products

  1. Spread the paint well in several directions before the final long brushstroke.
  2. Use a stiff natural brush. Apart from shine variations, the paint should provide full coverage with one stroke. Paint at least two coats outdoors and at least three coats on very exposed areas.
  3. The paint can be used in sunshine.
  4. Use Allbäck Linseed Soap to clean brushes and hands.
  5. Store brushes hanging in a jar of raw linseed oil. This oil can be used for impregnation.
  6. The paint can be sprayed on undiluted. High pressure – small nozzle.
  7. Variations in shine can arise with uneven absorption or application. These will even out over time.
  8. The matt surface is the end result. One way of reducing variation is to impregnate with linseed oil or wipe the finished surface with linseed oil.

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Allback Linseed Oil Paint

Binder : Boiled cold pressed, cleaned and sterilized linseed oil from Sweden 
Drier : Manganese
Thin with : If necessary, thin with max 5 % linseed-oil 
VOC  : <5mg/L. Nothing evaporates from the paint 
Application  : Apply thin coats with natural brush 
Cover  : 15-20 m² per litre, depending on surface 
Clean-up  : Linseed Soap and water 
Drying time  : Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well. 

Finishing Coat Paint Brush 120

Finishing Coat Brush 120 Chinese 90 tops pig´s bristle, rounded tip, rustproof tinplate, alderwood handle in the white. Cast in one piece, no water pockets.

Application: Used for finishing coat of paint when glazing and decorating

Tinplate thickness: 20 mm


Allback Linseed Oil Wax

Allback Linseed Oil Wax is made from boiled coldpressed Swedish linseed-oil and beeswax. Use as a surface protector on unpainted, varnished or painted wooden surfaces. It is easy to apply with a sponge or cloth. The surface should be clean and dry.

Use a foam rubber sponge or strong coarse cloth. Wipe off any excess after 20 minutes. Wait 2 hours then Polish the surface with a cloth.

Warning: Thoroughly wash all rags you use to apply the oils, putty or wax to ensure they don't self-ignite as they dry.